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I am a dancer, a certified Rolfer™ and have a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and Spanish Literature from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  After years of nomadic life working as a dancer, I currently reside in the beautiful canton of Vaud in Switzerland, where I continue sharing my love for dance, Rolfing and Yoga.

Since my childhood I have been involved in body movement activities, ranging from extensive martial arts training, professional dancing  and practicing and teaching yoga. These activities have brought me a great amount of corporal consciousness, and a constant curiosity and fascination about our body’s physiologic functioning, kinetics and it’s relationship to our mind.

As a Rolfer my intention is to educate you about your body. As Ida Rolf insisted,  “Education”, derives from the Latin root meaning to draw out or to evoke.  My role is to evoke the normal movement–and natural self-expression–that is restricted by no-longer-useful habits of tension in bodies.

Your body’s structure is an aggregate of all the ways you have moved to do work, to play, to express and to protect yourself throughout your life. I want to help you emerge from the net of unconscious tensions and poor body use that have brought your body into its current state.

For me, heightened somatic awareness is an integral part of the Rolfing process.Your body is not just an instrument that you turn over to me for re-alignment. Rather it’s a terrain of anatomy and experience, of space and time that we explore together, looking for the ease and grace that are your birthright.

 My goal in Rolfing is to facilitate the awareness and to allow your natural alignment and balance to re-emerge. Rather than “telling” your body how to be, my touch asks questions that provoke your body to make organisational changes from within. My touch targets your attention. This leads to release of tension not only at the targeted site but spreading through your whole body. 

How did I find Rolfing?

I was in Mysore, India practicing Ashtanga Yoga. I was absolutely exhausted from the past months of dancing and my body felt so run down, I just wanted a simple massage, however, my french friend highly recommended me to have a Rolfing session with Ken Jamititus (Ken the Rolfer).  I was very lucky to meet Ken that trip. After the 3rd session with him, I already knew I wanted  to study Rolfing and to become a Rolfer. I could see how it was completely different from any sort of therapy or movement education method I had experienced before.

What got me into becoming a Rolfer?

Studying Rolfing was fulfilling a dream to know more about the human body and its psycho-biological connections, ie: relationship to our emotions, perception and environment.

As a dancer I had to overcome many injuries, limitations and pain,  despite of which I continued dancing. I had sought help from many different types of therapists : sports doctors, physiotherapists, musculoskeletal doctors, acupuncturists, osteopaths and received many Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) treatments. Most of these therapies alleviate pain and attempt to undo the results of previous conditioned movements and pain producing habits. However; unfortunately the results were temporary and after sometime, since the old problem creating habits and lack of knowledge to detect and to correct them were not addressed, the difficulties came back.

On the other hand, Rolfing examines the function and behaviour of pain in the process of its dynamic interaction with the body’s movement in space and its relation with gravity. It questions how one injury or dysfunctional pattern could lead to and enforce other unhealthy patterns. This method, unique to Rofling helped me understand the origins and causes of my pains and limitations and brought a higher level of proprioceptive consciousness and wellbeing.

When I look back Rolfing also changed me as a person, It made me a calmer person, and more in touch with my inner-being, feeling more grounded, and taking life at a different rhythm. Before I was too driven, hunting one goal after another. I was so obsessed  and focused with dance that I couldn’t see anything else around me. Through Rolfing I was introduced to having a wider horizon. and a wider peripheral view. To be able to focus when I need to and to keep a peripheral view at other times. This practice allowed me to experience  a different perception in life, to also widend my view in life and to consider and include other things and people in my life and attention.

I wanted to become a Rolfer because I was thirsty for this knowledge, and wished to share it to help people experiencing pain, limitations and emotional and physical blockages. I also wanted to acquire knowledge which could help me become a dutiful and distinguished dance and yoga  teacher who could help students avoid injuries and to grow without limitations.

Stumbling upon Rolfing was a life changing encounter,  and my amazing experience receiving Rolfing  sessions contributed to my decision to become a Rolfer.